Matyo embroidery patterns

According to the myth, once the Devil kidnapped a Matyo bride’s groom and demanded a heap of roses as ransom. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of winter so no flowers were blooming at that time. The clever maiden, however, sewed a bulk of red roses on her huge apron. The Devil liked the bride’s handiwork so much that he had no choice but to set the groom free, so they held the wedding without any problem.

Hortobagy whip

The Hungarian whip is a tool made of wooden handle and a thong attached together. It is used for herding, and for attacking, defensing. If the whip is used correctly it makes a unique snappish sound, because of the “sudár” (cracker) on the end, which reaches the speed of sound (300 m /s) and makes a sonic boom. This was the first human made equipment that crossed that speed. When herding, mainly its noise were used, hurting the animals was not its primary goal.


The Zsolnay brand is a mysterious entity in the history of Hungarian art. The tradition of the unique production techniques goes back to 161 years. Even though the porcelain products of Zsolnay are made in factories, they reflect the elegance and quality of the pieces of fine art. That is why these china plates, cups, pots and other pieces of ceramics can be easily differentiated from others.

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